A human mitochondrial genome database

A compendium of polymorphisms and mutations in human mitochondrial DNA
MITOMAP reports published and unpublished data on human mitochondrial DNA variation. Currently our variant tables report frequencies from 30589 human mitochondrial DNA sequences. If you would like to add a paper and its data into MITOMAP, please email a pdf to We appreciate your help. Thanks.
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Mitomap will be moving to an upgraded server in the near future. This should result in improved performance and better security.

MITOMAP Quick Reference
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General References   Illustrations:
The Annotated Human Mitochondrial DNA Sequence    View Figures
The rCRS & other mtDNAs     UPDATED GenBank Frequency Info   -Mitochondrial DNA Map
Amino Acid Translation Tables   -Eleven pathological mutations in tRNA
Mitochondrial References, ALL     • A-L only     • M-Z only   -Mitochondrial energetics
Haplogroup Markers & Frequencies    Simpler mtDNA Tree: Europe, Asia, Africa   -Diabetes metabolism & the mitochondria      
Mitochondrial DNA Function Locations (Gene Loci)   -World migrations
Mitochondrial DNA Polypeptide Assignments   -mtDNA Trees
Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequences    
Archived Reports:    
    Mitochondrial Human Genome Report   Other databases & tools:
    Common Continent-Specific mtDNA Variants, c.1995   PhyloTree     HaploGrep     MSeqDR-LSDB
    mtDNA RFLPs:   High Resolution     Low Resolution   HmtDB database     MitImpact 2     MitoMiner
    MitoTool     MitoWheel     HvrBase++
mtDNA Variants (includes mini insertions & deletions)   EMPOP CR Database    Mitosearch
UPDATED Control Region Variants (16024-576)   POLG Database    MitoBreak     MitoAge
UPDATED Coding & RNA Variants (577-16023, MTTF-MTTP)   Mammalian Mitochondrial tRNA Genes    
Somatic Mutations      
Collection of Submitted Variant Reports
Other Useful Mito Links on the Web    
mtDNA Mutations with Reports of Disease-Associations    
Organized by mtDNA location:    
UPDATED rRNA/tRNA Mutations    
UPDATED Coding & Control Region Mutations    
Organized by phenotype:    
    rRNA/tRNA Mutations    
    Coding & Control Region Mutations    
    LHON Mutations    
Major Rearrangements    
MtDNA Deletions    
Multiple mtDNA Deletions Within Individuals    
MtDNA Inversions    
MtDNA Simple Insertions    
MtDNA Complex Rearrangements    
Nuclear Genes Involved in Mitochondrial Disease    
Structural Nuclear Genes in Mitochondrial Disease    
Non-Structural Nuclear Genes in Mitochondrial Disease    
Mitochondrial Pseudogenes    
Submittal of Data & How to Cite MITOMAP:
Submit unpublished mtDNA Variants    
If you would like to submit published articles to be included in mitomap, please send the citation & a pdf to
    (please put the word "Mitomap" in the subject line)
How to cite MITOMAP    
Support and Advocacy
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation    Miracles for Mito
About Mitochondrial Disease - Mitoaction's FAQ    Audio Podcasts on iTunes- Mitoaction
Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine    Mitochondrial Research Guild
Mito Hope and Help    MitoCanada
The Human Family Tree:10 Adams and 18 Eves    Mitochondria Interest Group Video Casts

Map of the Human Mitochondrial DNA
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