MITOMAP: Mitochondrial DNA Polypeptide Assignments

Last Edited: Mar 09, 2004


Labeling of mitochondrial proteins and gel systems from (references). Mitochondrial proteins are numbered from slowest (#1) to fastest(#13a) mobility. Apparent molecular weights are from (references). Assignments of MTND6(ND6) and MTND3(ND3) from (references) remaining assignments from (references).

Labeling of mitochondrial proteins, gel systems, protein band numbering, and apparent molecular weights from (references). Gene assignments are MTCO1(COI), MTCO2(COII), and MTCO3(COIII) (references) ; MTCO2(COII) and MTATP8(ATPase 8) (references); MTND1(ND1), MTATP6(ATPase6), and MTND3(ND3) (references); MTND4(ND4), MTCYB(Cytb), MTND2(ND2), and MTND4L(ND4L) (references); and MTND6(ND6) (references).

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