Reported Mitochondrial DNA Polypeptide Gene Disease Mutations, Non-LHON

Last update: March 2012

Panel A: The Top Pathogenic mtDNA Polypeptide Missense Mutations, Non-LHON

Syndromes Locus Disease Allele Nt change AA change Ho He References
Leigh syndromeMTATP6LS / NARPT8993CT-CL156P-+(A20)
Leigh syndromeMTATP6NARPT8993GT-GL156R-+(A21,A22)
Leigh syndromeMTATP6LST9176GT-GL217R++(A15)
Leigh syndromeMTATP6LS/FBSNT9176CT-CL217P++(A1,A18)
Leigh syndrome/MTATP6LS/Ataxia/ NARP-like diseaseT9185CT-CL220P++(A3)
Leigh syndromeMTND3LST10158CT-CS34P++(A4,A6,A9)
Leigh syndromeMTND3LS / LS-like Disease / ESOCT10191CT-CS45P-+(A14)
Leigh syndromeMTND3LS / Dystonia / StrokeG10197AG-AA-T++(A2,A5)
Leigh syndromeMTND4LSC11777AC-AR340S-+(A7,A8)
Leigh syndromeMTND5LST12706CT-CF124L-+(A12)
Dystonia/Leigh syndromeMTND6LDYT/LS G14459AG-AA72V++(A16,A19)
Dystonia/Leigh syndromeMTND6LS/Dystonia/AtaxiaT14487CT-CM63V-+(A10,A11)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND1MELAS/LSG3697AG-AG131S-+(A5)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND5MELAS/LSG13513AG-AD393N-+(A17)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND5MELASA13514GA-GD393G-+(A13)

Panel B: Representative Reported Pathogenic Polypeptide Mutations, non-LHON for various phenotypic presentations selected from over 250 reported variants. Additional reports are here.

Syndromes Locus Disease Allele Nucleotide Change AA Change Ho He Status References
DystoniaMTND1Adult-Onset DystoniaA3796GA-GT164A-+Rep(11)
Leigh syndromeMTATP6LS/FBSNT9176CT-CL217P++Rep(44)
Leigh SyndromeMTATP6LST9176GT-GL217R-+Rep(21)
Leigh SyndromeMTATP6LST9185CT-CL220P-+Rep(3)
Leigh SyndromeMTATP6LST9191CT-CL222P-+Rep(3)
Leigh SyndromeMTCO3LS-likeC9537insCC-CCQ111frameshift+-Rep(24)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND1MELAST3308CT-CM1T-+Rep(39)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND1MELAS/LHONG3376AG-AE24K- +Rep(1)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND1MELASG3697AG-AG131S-+Rep(5)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND1MELASG3946AG-AE214K++Rep(5)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND1MELAST3949CT-CY215H-+Rep(5)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND4MELASA11084GA-GT109A++P.M.(48,50)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND5MELASA12770GA-GE145G-+Rep(9)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND5MELAS/LHON/ LS overlap syndromeA13045CA-CM237L-+Rep(9)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND5MELAS/LS A13084TA-TS250C-+Rep(8)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTND6MELASG14453AG-AA74V-+Rep(17)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTCYBMELAS/PD14787del4TTAA-delI14frameshift-+Rep(30)
Encephalomyopathy, EpilepsyMTCO1Therapy-resistant EpilepsyC6489AC-AL196I-+Rep(14)
Encephalomyopathy, Multisystem DisorderMTCO1Multisystem DisorderG6930AG-AG343Ter-+Rep(28)
Encephalomyopathy, Multisystem DisorderMTCOIMyopathy and Cortical Lesions6015del5Del 5 bpFrameshift, 42 peptide+Rep(35)
Encephalomyopathy, Multisystem DisorderMTCO2Multisystem DisorderG7896AG-AW104Ter-+Rep(15)
Encephalomyopathy, Lactic AcidosisMTCO2Lactic Acidosis8042del2AT-delM153Ter-+Rep(19)
Encephalomyopathy, MELASMTCO3MELAS/PEM/ NAIONT9957CT-CF251L-+Rep(43,47)
Encephalomyopathy, Lactic AcidosisMTATP6Lactic Acidosis/ Seizures9205del2TA-delTer227M+-Rep(12)
Encephalomyopathy, Multisystem DisorderMTCYBMultisystem DisorderA15579GA-GY278C-+Rep(18)
Encephalomyopathy, Septo-Optic DysplasiaMTCYBSepto-Optic DysplasiaT14849CT-CS35P-+Rep(13)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXITG14846AG-AG34S-+Rep(26)
Mitochondrial MyopathyMTCYBMMG15059AG-AG190Ter-+Rep(25)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXITG15084AG-AW113Ter-+Rep(26)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXITG15150AG-AW135Ter-+Rep(16)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXITG15168AG-AW141Ter-+Rep(26)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXITT15197CT-CS151P-+Rep(16)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXIT/EncephalomyopathyG15242AG-AG166Ter-+Rep(23,37)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXITG15497AG-AG251S+-Rep(7)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXIT15498del2424 bp deletion-251GDPDNYTL-del258-+Rep(26)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXITG15615AG-AG290D-+Rep(41)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCYBEXITG15723AG-AW326Ter-+Rep(26)
Mitochondrial MyopathyMTCYBMMG15762AG-AG339E-+Rep(34)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTND4EXITG11832AG-AW358Ter-+Rep(27)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCO1EXIT/MyoglobinuriaG5920AG-AW6Ter-+Rep(22)
Mitochondrial MyopathyMTCO1MM & RhabdomyolysisG6708AG-AG269Ter-+Rep(2)
Mitochondrial MyopathyMTCO2MMT7671AT-AM29K-+Rep(32)
MM, Exercise IntoleranceMTCO2EXIT/RhabdomyolysisT7989CT-CL135P-+Rep(6)
Mitochondrial MyopathyMTCO3Myopathy and Myoglobinuria9487del15Del 15 bpRemoved 5 aa+Rep(42,45)
Hypertrophic CardiomyopathyMTCYBHCMG15243AG-AG166E-+Rep(33)
Hypertrophic CardiomyopathyMTCYBHCMG15498AG-AG251D-+Rep(20)
Deafness, Sensory Neural Hearing LossMTCO1SNHL/LHONG7444AG-ATer514K+-Rep(31)
Deafness, Sensory Neural Hearing LossMTCO2SNHLA8108GA-GI175V+-Rep(4)
Deafness, Sensory Neural Hearing LossMTND6SNHLC14340TC-TV112M+-Rep(4)
Diabetes MellitusMTND4DMA12026GA-GI423V+-Rep(38)
Alzheimer & Parkinson DiseaseMTND1ADPDA3397GA-GM31V+-Rep(49,53)
Alzheimer & Parkinson DiseaseMTND2ADG5460AG-AA331T++P.M.(46,51,52)
Alzheimer & Parkinson DiseaseMTND2ADG5460TG-TA331S++Rep(46,51,52)
Idiopathic Sideroblastic AnemiaMTCO1SIDAT6721CT-CM273T-+Rep(40)
Idiopathic Sideroblastic AnemiaMTCO1SIDAT6742CT-CI280T-+Rep(40)

Abbreviations AD = Alzheimer disease; ADPD = Alzheimer plus Parkinson disease; CPEO = chronic progressive ophthalmoplegia; DEAF = deafness, sensorineural hearing loss; ESOC = Epilepsy, Strokes, Optic atrophy, and Cognitive decline; EXIT: Exercise Intolerance; FBSN = Familial Bilateral Striatal Necrosis; HCM = Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy; MM = Mitochondrial Myopathy; MERRF = Myoclonic Epilepsy and Ragged Red Fiber Disease; MELAS = Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy, Lactic Acidosis and Stroke-Like Episodes; NAION = Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy; NARP = Neurogenic Muscle Weakness, Ataxia, and Retinitis Pigmentosa; NIDDM = Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus; PEM = Progressive Encephalopathy; PEO = Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia; PD = Parkinson Disease; SNHL = Sensory Neural Hearing Loss; SIDA: Sideroblastic Anemia. Ho = homoplasmic; He = heteroplasmic; Rep = Reported/provisional mutations that have been reported one or a few times in associated with disease but are not confirmed as pathogenic; P.M. = (point mutation/polymorphism) status indicates that some published reports have determined the mutation to be a non-pathogenic population variant.

References, Panel A

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References, Panel B

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The original version of this table was posted in 2006, reproduced with permission from PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF MEDICAL GENETICS, 5/e. © 2006 Elsevier Ltd.

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