MITOMAP References for Somatic Polymorphism C-CC at 3571

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 9788436 1998 Habano, W., Nakamura, S., Sugai, T. (1998) Microsatellite instability in the mitochondrial DNA of colorectal carcinomas: evidence for mismatch repair systems in mitochondrial genome Oncogene . 17 (15): 1931-1937 .
2 32024997 2020 Yuan, Y., Ju, Y. S., Kim, Y., Li, J., Wang, Y., Yoon, C. J., Yang, Y., Martincorena, I., Creighton, C. J., Weinstein, J. N., Xu, Y., Han, L., Kim, H. L., Nakagawa, H., Park, K., Campbell, P. J., Liang, H., PCAWG Consortium (2020) Comprehensive molecular characterization of mitochondrial genomes in human cancers Nature . 52 (3): 342-352 .
3 18413815 2008 Mayr, J. A., Meierhofer, D., Zimmermann, F., Feichtinger, R., Kogler, C., Ratschek, M., Schmeller, N., Sperl, W., Kofler, B. (2008) Loss of complex I due to mitochondrial DNA mutations in renal oncocytoma Clinical Cancer Research . 14 (8): 2270-2275 .
4 20028790 2010 Porcelli, A. M., Ghelli, A., Ceccarelli, C., Lang, M., Cenacchi, G., Capristo, M., Pennisi, L. F., Morra, I., Ciccarelli, E., Melcarne, A., Bartoletti-Stella, A., Salfi, N., Tallini, G., Martinuzzi, A., Carelli, V., Attimonelli, M., Rugolo, M., Romeo, G., Gasparre, G. (2010) The genetic and metabolic signature of oncocytic transformation implicates HIF1alpha destabilization Human Molecular Genetics . 19 (6): 1019-1032 .