MITOMAP References for Mutation 24bp_deletion at 15498

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 10502593 1999 Andreu, A. L., Hanna, M. G., Reichmann, H., Bruno, C., Penn, A. S., Tanji, K., Pallotti, F., Iwata, S., Bonilla, E., Lach, B., Morgan-Hughes, J., DiMauro, S. (1999) Exercise intolerance due to mutations in the cytochrome b gene of mitochondrial DNA New England Journal of Medicine . 341 (14): 1037-1044 .
2 11506394 2001 Taivassalo, T., Shoubridge, E. A., Chen, J., Kennaway, N. G., DiMauro, S., Arnold, D. L., Haller, R. G. (2001) Aerobic conditioning in patients with mitochondrial myopathies: physiological, biochemical, and genetic effects Annals of Neurology . 50 (2): 133-141 .