MITOMAP References for Somatic Variant G-A at 5521

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 10720328 2000 Fliss, M. S., Usadel, H., Caballero, O. L., Wu, L., Buta, M. R., Eleff, S. M., Jen, J., Sidransky, D. (2000) Facile detection of mitochondrial DNA mutations in tumors and bodily fluids Science . 287 (5460): 2017-2019 .
2 16892079 2006 Brandon, M., Baldi, P., Wallace, D. C. (2006) Mitochondrial mutations in cancer Oncogene . 25 (34): 4647-4662 .
3 20028790 2010 Porcelli, A. M., Ghelli, A., Ceccarelli, C., Lang, M., Cenacchi, G., Capristo, M., Pennisi, L. F., Morra, I., Ciccarelli, E., Melcarne, A., Bartoletti-Stella, A., Salfi, N., Tallini, G., Martinuzzi, A., Carelli, V., Attimonelli, M., Rugolo, M., Romeo, G., Gasparre, G. (2010) The genetic and metabolic signature of oncocytic transformation implicates HIF1alpha destabilization Human Molecular Genetics . 19 (6): 1019-1032 .