MITOMAP References for Somatic Polymorphism C-T at 16355

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 9254844 1997 Wilson, M. R., Polanskey, D., Replogle, J., DiZinno, J. A., Budowle, B. (1997) A family exhibiting heteroplasmy in the human mitochondrial DNA control region reveals both somatic mosaicism and pronounced segregation of mitotypes Human Genetics . 100 (2): 167-171 .
2 32024997 2020 Yuan, Y., Ju, Y. S., Kim, Y., Li, J., Wang, Y., Yoon, C. J., Yang, Y., Martincorena, I., Creighton, C. J., Weinstein, J. N., Xu, Y., Han, L., Kim, H. L., Nakagawa, H., Park, K., Campbell, P. J., Liang, H., PCAWG Consortium (2020) Comprehensive molecular characterization of mitochondrial genomes in human cancers Nature . 52 (3): 342-352 .
3 16120336 2003 Sekiguchi, K., Kasai, K., Levin, B. C. (2003) Inter- and intragenerational transmission of a human mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy among 13 maternally-related individuals and differences between and within tissues in two family members Mitochondrion . 2 (6): 401-414 .