MITOMAP References for Variant A-G at 14495

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 11133798 2001 Chinnery, P. F., Brown, D. T., Andrews, R. M., Singh-Kler, R., Riordan-Eva, P., Lindley, J., Applegarth, D. A., Turnbull, D. M., Howell, N. (2001) The mitochondrial ND6 gene is a hot spot for mutations that cause Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy Brain . 124 (Pt 1): 209-218 .
2 16380918 2005 Hudson, G., Keers, S., Yu Wai Man, P., Griffiths, P., Huoponen, K., Savontaus, M. L., Nikoskelainen, E., Zeviani, M., Carrara, F., Horvath, R., Karcagi, V., Spruijt, L., de Coo, I. F., Smeets, H. J., Chinnery, P. F. (2005) Identification of an X-chromosomal locus and haplotype modulating the phenotype of a mitochondrial DNA disorder American Journal of Human Genetics . 77 (6): 1086-1091
3 15972314 2006 Mitchell, A. L., Elson, J. L., Howell, N., Taylor, R. W., Turnbull, D. M. (2006) Sequence variation in mitochondrial complex I genes: mutation or polymorphism? Journal of Medical Genetics . 43 (2): 175-179 .
4 17122117 2006 Barboni, P., Savini, G., Valentino, M. L., La Morgia, C., Bellusci, C., De Negri, A. M., Sadun, F., Carta, A., Carbonelli, M., Sadun, A. A., Carelli, V. (2006) Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy with childhood onset Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science . 47 (12): 5303-5309 .
5 19001017 2009 Yu-Wai-Man, P., Griffiths, P. G., Hudson, G., Chinnery, P. F. (2009) Inherited mitochondrial optic neuropathies [Review] Journal of Medical Genetics . 46 (3): 145-158 .
6 21397051 2011 Hudson, G., Yu-Wai-Man, P., Griffiths, P. G., Horvath, R., Carelli, V., Zeviani, M., Chinnery, P. F. (2011) Variation in MAPT is not a contributing factor to the incomplete penetrance in LHON Mitochondrion . 11 (4): 620-622 .
7 21457906 2011 Pereira, L., Soares, P., Radivojac, P., Li, B., Samuels, D. C. (2011) Comparing phylogeny and the predicted pathogenicity of protein variations reveals equal purifying selection across the global human mtDNA diversity American Journal of Human Genetics . 88 (4): 433-439 .
8 22879922 2012 Achilli, A., Iommarini, L., Olivieri, A., Pala, M., Kashani, B. H., Reynier, P., La Morgia, C., Valentino, M. L., Liguori, R., Pizza, F., Barboni, P., Sadun, F., De Negri, A., Zeviani, M., Dollfus, H., Moulignier, A., Ducos, G., Orssaud, C., Bonneau, D., Procaccio, V., Leo-Kottler, B., Fauser, S., Wissinger, B., Amati-Bonneau, P., Torroni, A., Carelli, V. (2012) Rare primary mitochondrial DNA mutations and synergistic variants in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy PLOS One . 7 (8): e42242 .
9 NA 2017 Lloria, X., Catarino, C., Downes, S., Vincent, A., Matloob, S., Silva, M., Klopstock, T. (2017) Clinical experience with idebenone in the treatment of patients harboring rare mutations related to Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) Acta Ophthalmologica . 95 (S259): Abstract from the 2017 European Association for Vision and Eye Research Conference .
10 29253894 2017 Wei, W., Gomez-Duran, A., Hudson, G., Chinnery, P. F. (2017) Background sequence characteristics influence the occurrence and severity of disease-causing mtDNA mutations PLoS Genetics . 13 (12): e1007126 .
11 20301353 2021 Yu-Wai-Man, P., Chinnery, P. F. (2021) Leber hereditary optic neuropathy [updated 2021 Mar 11] GeneReviews® M. P. Adam, H. H. Ardinger, R. A. Pagon, S. E. Wallace, L. J. H. Bean, G. Mirza, A. Amemiya (): .
12 33779865 2021 Yu, X., Ji, K., Lin, Y., Xu, X., Wang, W., Li, Y., Lu, J. Q., Zhao, Y., Yan, C. (2021) Leber hereditary optic neuropathy and dystonia overlapping mitochondrial encephalomyopathy with lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes due to m.14459G>A mutation Neurological Sciences . 42 (12): 5123-5130 .