MITOMAP References for Mutation G-A at 5920

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 10980727 2000 Karadimas, C. L., Greenstein, P., Sue, C. M., Joseph, J. T., Tanji, K., Haller, R. G., Taivassalo, T., Davidson, M. M., Shanske, S., Bonilla, E., DiMauro, S. (2000) Recurrent myoglobinuria due to a nonsense mutation in the COX I gene of mitochondrial DNA Neurology . 55 (5): 644-649 .
2 14520667 2003 Filosto, M., Mancuso, M., Vives-Bauza, C., Vila, M. R., Shanske, S., Hirano, M., Andreu, A. L., DiMauro, S. (2003) Lack of paternal inheritance of muscle mitochondrial DNA in sporadic mitochondrial myopathies Annals of Neurology . 54 (4): 524-526 .
3 11506394 2001 Taivassalo, T., Shoubridge, E. A., Chen, J., Kennaway, N. G., DiMauro, S., Arnold, D. L., Haller, R. G. (2001) Aerobic conditioning in patients with mitochondrial myopathies: physiological, biochemical, and genetic effects Annals of Neurology . 50 (2): 133-141 .
4 11782982 2002 Taivassalo, T., Abbott, A., Wyrick, P., Haller, R. G. (2002) Venous oxygen levels during aerobic forearm exercise: An index of impaired oxidative metabolism in mitochondrial myopathy Annals of Neurology . 51 (1): 38-44 .