MITOMAP References for Mutation A-G at 10398

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 12618962 2003 van der Walt, J. M., Nicodemus, K. K., Martin, E. R., Scott, W. K., Nance, M. A., Watts, R. L., Hubble, J. P., Haines, J. L., Koller, W. C., Lyons, K., Pahwa, R., Stern, M. B., Colcher, A., Hiner, B. C., Jankovic, J., Ondo, W. G., Allen, F. H., Jr., Goetz, C. G., Small, G. W., Mastaglia, F., Stajich, J. M., McLaurin, A. C., Middleton, L. T., Scott, B. L., Schmechel, D. E., Pericak-Vance, M. A., Vance, J. M. (2003) Mitochondrial polymorphisms significantly reduce the risk of Parkinson disease American Journal of Human Genetics . 72 (4): 804-811 .
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3 15786469 2005 Pyle, A., Foltynie, T., Tiangyou, W., Lambert, C., Keers, S. M., Allcock, L. M., Davison, J., Lewis, S. J., Perry, R. H., Barker, R., Burn, D. J., Chinnery, P. F. (2005) Mitochondrial DNA haplogroup cluster UKJT reduces the risk of PD Annals of Neurology . 57 (4): 564-567 .
4 16140977 2005 Canter, J. A., Kallianpur, A. R., Parl, F. F., Millikan, R. C. (2005) Mitochondrial DNA G10398A polymorphism and invasive breast cancer in African-American women Cancer Research . 65 (17): 8028-8033 .
5 15483642 2005 Niemi, A. K., Moilanen, J. S., Tanaka, M., Hervonen, A., Hurme, M., Lehtimaki, T., Arai, Y., Hirose, N., Majamaa, K. (2005) A combination of three common inherited mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms promotes longevity in Finnish and Japanese subjects European Journal of Human Genetics . 13 (2): 166-170 .
6 16773565 2006 Saxena, R., de Bakker, P. I., Singer, K., Mootha, V., Burtt, N., Hirschhorn, J. N., Gaudet, D., Isomaa, B., Daly, M. J., Groop, L., Ardlie, K. G., Altshuler, D. (2006) Comprehensive association testing of common mitochondrial DNA variation in metabolic disease American Journal of Human Genetics . 79 (1): 54-61 .
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8 15975594 2005 Huerta, C., Castro, M. G., Coto, E., Blazquez, M., Ribacoba, R., Guisasola, L. M., Salvador, C., Martinez, C., Lahoz, C. H., Alvarez, V. (2005) Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms and risk of Parkinson's disease in Spanish population Journal of the Neurological Sciences . 236 (40545): 49-54 .
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12 25199876 2014 Salas, A., Garcia-Magarinos, M., Logan, I., Bandelt, H. J. (2014) The saga of the many studies wrongly associating mitochondrial DNA with breast cancer BMC Cancer . 14 (): 659 .
13 28648514 2017 Monte, T. L., Pereira, F. S., Reckziegel, E. D. R., Augustin, M. C., Locks-Coelho, L. D., Santos, A. S. P., Pedroso, J. L., Barsottini, O., Vargas, F. R., Saraiva-Pereira, M. L., Jardim, L. B., Rede, N. (2017) Neurological phenotypes in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2: Role of mitochondrial polymorphism A10398G and other risk factors Parkinsonism and Related Disorders . 42 (): 54-60 .
14 17620498 2007 Simon, D. K., Zheng, K., Velazquez, L., Santos, N., Almaguer, L., Figueroa, K. P., Pulst, S. M. (2007) Mitochondrial complex I gene variant associated with early age at onset in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 Archives of Neurology . 64 (7): 1042-1044 .
15 34045735 2021 Kopinski, P. K., Singh, L. N., Zhang, S., Lott, M. T., Wallace, D. C. (2021) Mitochondrial DNA variation and cancer Nature Reviews. Cancer Epub ahead of print, (): .
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17 17701054 2007 Rai, E., Sharma, S., Koul, A., Bhat, A. K., Bhanwer, A. J., Bamezai, R. N. (2007) Interaction between the UCP2-866G/A, mtDNA 10398G/A and PGC1alpha p.Thr394Thr and p.Gly482Ser polymorphisms in type 2 diabetes susceptibility in North Indian population Human Genetics . 122 (5): 535-540 .
18 17288645 2008 Kazuno, A. A., Munakata, K., Kato, N., Kato, T. (2008) Mitochondrial DNA-dependent effects of valproate on mitochondrial calcium levels in transmitochondrial cybrids The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology . 11 (1): 71-78 .
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20 18286226 2008 Latsoudis, H., Spanaki, C., Chlouverakis, G., Plaitakis, A. (2008) Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms and haplogroups in Parkinson's disease and control individuals with a similar genetic background Journal of Human Genetics . 53 (4): 349-356 .
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23 20067846 2010 Juo, S. H., Lu, M. Y., Bai, R. K., Liao, Y. C., Trieu, R. B., Yu, M. L., Wong, L. J. (2010) A common mitochondrial polymorphism 10398A>G is associated metabolic syndrome in a Chinese population Mitochondrion . 10 (3): 294-299 .
24 19390621 2009 Pezzotti, A., Kraft, P., Hankinson, S. E., Hunter, D. J., Buring, J., Cox, D. G. (2009) The mitochondrial A10398G polymorphism, interaction with alcohol consumption, and breast cancer risk PLoS One . 4 (4): e5356 .
25 15488317 2004 Otaegui, D., Paisan, C., Saenz, A., Marti, I., Ribate, M., Marti-Masso, J. F., Perez-Tur, J., Lopez de Munain, A. (2004) Mitochondrial polymporphisms in Parkinson's Disease Neuroscience Letters . 370 (40577): 171-174 .
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31 17174475 2007 Huerta, C., Sanchez-Ferrero, E., Coto, E., Blazquez, M., Ribacoba, R., Guisasola, L. M., Salvador, C., Alvarez, V. (2007) No association between Parkinson's disease and three polymorphisms in the eNOS, nNOS, and iNOS genes Neuroscience Letters . 413 (3): 202-205 .
32 27217714 2016 Collins, D. W., Gudiseva, H. V., Trachtman, B., Bowman, A. S., Sagaser, A., Sankar, P., Miller-Ellis, E., Lehman, A., Addis, V., O'Brien, J. M. (2016) Association of primary open-angle glaucoma with mitochondrial variants and haplogroups common in African Americans Molecular Vision . 22 (): 454-471 .
33 28793231 2017 Hwang, I. W., Hong, J. H., Kwon, B. N., Kim, H. J., Lee, N. R., Lim, M. H., Kwon, H. J., Jin, H. J. (2017) Association of mitochondrial DNA 10398 A/G polymorphism with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in Korean children Gene . 630 (): 8-12 .
34 29987491 2018 O'Keefe, H., Queen, R. A., Meldau, S., Lord, P., Elson, J. L. (2018) Haplogroup context is less important in the penetrance of mitochondrial DNA complex I mutations compared to mt-tRNA mutations Journal of Molecular Evolution . 86 (6): 395-403 .
35 31797714 2019 Jahani, M. M., Azimi Meibody, A., Karimi, T., Banoei, M. M., Houshmand, M. (2019) An A10398G mitochondrial DNA alteration is related to increased risk of breast cancer, and associates with Her2 positive receptor Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA Mapping, Sequencing, and Analysis . (): 1-6 .
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38 34120353 2021 Dahadhah, F. W., Saleh Jaweesh, M., Al Zoubi, M. S., Issam Abu Alarjah, M., Hammadeh, M. E., Amor, H. (2021) Lack of association between single polymorphic variants of the mitochondrial nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase 3, and 4L (MT-ND3 and MT-ND4L) and male infertility Andrologia . 53 (8): e14139 .
39 35146807 2022 Tzeng, I. S. (2022) Role of mitochondria DNA A10398G polymorphism on development of Parkinson's disease: A PRISMA-compliant meta-analysis Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis . 36 (3): e24274 .