MITOMAP References for Somatic Polymorphism (CA)(5-7) at 514:523

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 12000737 2002 Maximo, V., Soares, P., Lima, J., Cameselle-Teijeiro, J., Sobrinho-Simoes, M. (2002) Mitochondrial DNA somatic mutations (point mutations and large deletions) and mitochondrial DNA variants in human thyroid pathology: a study with emphasis on Hurthle cell tumors American Journal of Pathology . 160 (5): 1857-1865 .
2 12438238 2002 Chen, J. Z., Gokden, N., Greene, G. F., Mukunyadzi, P., Kadlubar, F. F. (2002) Extensive somatic mitochondrial mutations in primary prostate cancer using laser capture microdissection Cancer Research . 62 (22): 6470-6474 .
3 11507041 2001 Liu, V. W., Shi, H. H., Cheung, A. N., Chiu, P. M., Leung, T. W., Nagley, P., Wong, L. C., Ngan, H. Y. (2001) High incidence of somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations in human ovarian carcinomas Cancer Research . 61 (16): 5998-6001 .
4 16942794 2007 Van Trappen, P. O., Cullup, T., Troke, R., Swann, D., Shepherd, J. H., Jacobs, I. J., Gayther, S. A., Mein, C. A. (2007) Somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations in primary and metastatic ovarian cancer Gynecologic Oncology . 104 (1): 129-133 .
5 16568452 2006 Tseng, L. M., Yin, P. H., Chi, C. W., Hsu, C. Y., Wu, C. W., Lee, L. M., Wei, Y. H., Lee, H. C. (2006) Mitochondrial DNA mutations and mitochondrial DNA depletion in breast cancer Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer . 45 (7): 629-638 .