MITOMAP References for Mutation G-A at 15497

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 12905068 2003 Okura, T., Koda, M., Ando, F., Niino, N., Tanaka, M., Shimokata, H. (2003) Association of the mitochondrial DNA 15497G/A polymorphism with obesity in a middle-aged and elderly Japanese population Human Genetics . 113 (5): 432-436 .
2 15126279 2004 Tanaka, M., Takeyasu, T., Fuku, N., Li-Jun, G., Kurata, M. (2004) Mitochondrial genome single nucleotide polymorphisms and their phenotypes in the Japanese Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences . 1011 (-): 7-20 .
3 15052619 2004 Tarnopolsky, M. A., Simon, D. K., Roy, B. D., Chorneyko, K., Lowther, S. A., Johns, D. R., Sandhu, J. K., Li, Y., Sikorska, M. (2004) Attenuation of free radical production and paracrystalline inclusions by creatine supplementation in a patient with a novel cytochrome b mutation Muscle and Nerve . 29 (4): 537-547 .
4 21457906 2011 Pereira, L., Soares, P., Radivojac, P., Li, B., Samuels, D. C. (2011) Comparing phylogeny and the predicted pathogenicity of protein variations reveals equal purifying selection across the global human mtDNA diversity American Journal of Human Genetics . 88 (4): 433-439 .
5 17015183 2006 Liguori, R., Mazzaccara, C., Pasanisi, F., Buono, P., Oriani, G., Finelli, C., Contaldo, F., Sacchetti, L. (2006) The mtDNA 15497 G/A polymorphism in cytochrome b in severe obese subjects from Southern Italy Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases . 16 (7): 466-470 .