MITOMAP References for Somatic Polymorphism A-del at 11038

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 11526508 2001 Jeronimo, C., Nomoto, S., Caballero, O. L., Usadel, H., Henrique, R., Varzim, G., Oliveira, J., Lopes, C., Fliss, M. S., Sidransky, D. (2001) Mitochondrial mutations in early stage prostate cancer and bodily fluids Oncogene . 20 (37): 5195-5198 .
2 18413815 2008 Mayr, J. A., Meierhofer, D., Zimmermann, F., Feichtinger, R., Kogler, C., Ratschek, M., Schmeller, N., Sperl, W., Kofler, B. (2008) Loss of complex I due to mitochondrial DNA mutations in renal oncocytoma Clinical Cancer Research . 14 (8): 2270-2275 .
3 30689169 2019 Xu, B., Reznik, E., Tuttle, R. M., Knauf, J., Fagin, J. A., Katabi, N., Dogan, S., Aleynick, N., Seshan, V., Middha, S., Enepekides, D., Casadei, G. P., Solaroli, E., Tallini, G., Ghossein, R., Ganly, I. (2019) Outcome and molecular characteristics of non-invasive encapsulated follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma with oncocytic features Endocrine . 64 (1): 97-108 .