MITOMAP References for Somatic Polymorphism T-C at 5999

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 11477557 2001 Kirches, E., Krause, G., Warich-Kirches, M., Weis, S., Schneider, T., Meyer-Puttlitz, B., Mawrin, C., Dietzmann, K. (2001) High frequency of mitochondrial DNA mutations in glioblastoma multiforme identified by direct sequence comparison to blood samples International Journal of Cancer . 93 (4): 534-538 .
2 11245424 2001 Jones, J. B., Song, J. J., Hempen, P. M., Parmigiani, G., Hruban, R. H., Kern, S. E. (2001) Detection of mitochondrial DNA mutations in pancreatic cancer offers a "mass"-ive advantage over detection of nuclear DNA mutations Cancer Research . 61 (4): 1299-1304 .