MITOMAP References for Mutation G-A at 3337

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 18502698 2008 Zifa, E., Theotokis, P., Kaminari, A., Maridaki, H., Leze, H., Petsiava, E., Mamuris, Z., Stathopoulos, C. (2008) A novel G3337A mitochondrial ND1 mutation related to cardiomyopathy co-segregates with tRNALeu(CUN) A12308G and tRNAThr C15946T mutations Mitochondrion . 8 (3): 229-236 .
2 29987491 2018 O'Keefe, H., Queen, R. A., Meldau, S., Lord, P., Elson, J. L. (2018) Haplogroup context is less important in the penetrance of mitochondrial DNA complex I mutations compared to mt-tRNA mutations Journal of Molecular Evolution . 86 (6): 395-403 .