MITOMAP References for Mutation G-A at 7697

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 19473338 2009 Wei, Y. L., Yu, C. A., Yang, P., Li, A. L., Wen, J. Y., Zhao, S. M., Liu, H. X., Ke, Y. N., Campbell, W., Zhang, Y. G., Li, X. H., Liao, W. Q. (2009) Novel mitochondrial DNA mutations associated with Chinese familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 36 (9): 933-939 .
2 23563965 2013 Levin, L., Zhidkov, I., Gurman, Y., Hawlena, H., Mishmar, D. (2013) Functional recurrent mutations in the human mitochondrial phylogeny: dual roles in evolution and disease Genome Biology and Evolution . 5 (5): 876-890 .
3 27498855 2016 Kang, L., Zheng, H. X., Zhang, M., Yan, S., Li, L., Liu, L., Liu, K., Hu, K., Chen, F., Ma, L., Qin, Z., Wang, Y., Wang, X., Jin, L. (2016) MtDNA analysis reveals enriched pathogenic mutations in Tibetan highlanders Scientific Reports . 6 (): 31083 .
4 33420243 2021 Verma, R. K., Kalyakulina, A., Giuliani, C., Shinde, P., Kachhvah, A. D., Ivanchenko, M., Jalan, S. (2021) Analysis of human mitochondrial genome co-occurrence networks of Asian population at varying altitudes Scientific Reports . 11 (1): 133 .
5 27465874 2016 Li, Q., Lin, K., Sun, H., Liu, S., Huang, K., Huang, X., Chu, J., Yang, Z. (2016) Mitochondrial haplogroup M9a1a1c1b is associated with hypoxic adaptation in the Tibetans Journal of Human Genetics . 61 (12): 1021-1026 .