MITOMAP References for Somatic Polymorphism A-AA at 12425

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 7823960 1995 Hofhaus, G., Attardi, G. (1995) Efficient selection and characterization of mutants of a human cell line which are defective in mitochondrial DNA-encoded subunits of respiratory NADH dehydrogenase (published erratum appears in Mol Cell Biol 1995 Jun;15(6):3461) Molecular and Cellular Biology . 15 (2): 964-974 .
2 9806551 1998 Polyak, K., Li, Y., Zhu, H., Lengauer, C., Willson, J.K., Markowitz, S.D., Trush, M.A., Kinzler, K.W., Vogelstein, B. (1998) Somatic mutations of the mitochondrial genome in human colorectal tumours Nature Genetics . 20 (3): 291-293 .
3 19208652 2009 Park, J. S., Sharma, L. K., Li, H., Xiang, R., Holstein, D., Wu, J., Lechleiter, J., Naylor, S. L., Deng, J. J., Lu, J., Bai, Y. (2009) A heteroplasmic, not homoplasmic, mitochondrial DNA mutation promotes tumorigenesis via alteration in reactive oxygen species generation and apoptosis Human Molecular Genetics . 18 (9): 1578-1589 .
4 20816876 2010 Lee, H. C., Chang, C. M., Chi, C. W. (2010) Somatic mutations of mitochondrial DNA in aging and cancer progression Ageing Research Reviews . 9 Suppl 1 (): S47-S58 .
5 24244193 2013 Samuels, D. C., Li, C., Li, B., Song, Z., Torstenson, E., Boyd Clay, H., Rokas, A., Thornton-Wells, T. A., Moore, J. H., Hughes, T. M., Hoffman, R. D., Haines, J. L., Murdock, D. G., Mortlock, D. P., Williams, S. M. (2013) Recurrent tissue-specific mtDNA mutations are common in humans PLoS Genetics . 9 (11): e1003929 .
6 32024997 2020 Yuan, Y., Ju, Y. S., Kim, Y., Li, J., Wang, Y., Yoon, C. J., Yang, Y., Martincorena, I., Creighton, C. J., Weinstein, J. N., Xu, Y., Han, L., Kim, H. L., Nakagawa, H., Park, K., Campbell, P. J., Liang, H., PCAWG Consortium (2020) Comprehensive molecular characterization of mitochondrial genomes in human cancers Nature . 52 (3): 342-352 .
7 24633194 2014 Guerra, F., Girolimetti, G., Perrone, A. M., Procaccini, M., Kurelac, I., Ceccarelli, C., De Biase, D., Caprara, G., Zamagni, C., De Iaco, P., Santini, D., Gasparre, G. (2014) Mitochondrial DNA genotyping efficiently reveals clonality of synchronous endometrial and ovarian cancers Mod Pathol . 27 (10): 1412-1420 .