MITOMAP References for Mutation G-A at 4132

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 17454741 2007 Fingert, J. H., Grassi, M. A., Janutka, J. C., East, J. S., Howard, J. G., Sheffield, V. C., Jacobson, D. M., Hayreh, S. S., Stone, E. M. (2007) Mitochondrial variant G4132A is associated with familial non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy in one large pedigree Ophthalmic Genetics . 28 (1): 1-7 .
2 29987491 2018 O'Keefe, H., Queen, R. A., Meldau, S., Lord, P., Elson, J. L. (2018) Haplogroup context is less important in the penetrance of mitochondrial DNA complex I mutations compared to mt-tRNA mutations Journal of Molecular Evolution . 86 (6): 395-403 .