MITOMAP References for Mutation T-C at 14319

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 21457906 2011 Pereira, L., Soares, P., Radivojac, P., Li, B., Samuels, D. C. (2011) Comparing phylogeny and the predicted pathogenicity of protein variations reveals equal purifying selection across the global human mtDNA diversity American Journal of Human Genetics . 88 (4): 433-439 .
2 18524835 2008 Piccoli, C., Ripoli, M., Quarato, G., Scrima, R., D'Aprile, A., Boffoli, D., Margaglione, M., Criscuolo, C., De Michele, G., Sardanelli, A., Papa, S., Capitanio, N. (2008) Coexistence of mutations in PINK1 and mitochondrial DNA in early onset parkinsonism Journal of Medical Genetics . 45 (9): 596-602 .
3 29987491 2018 O'Keefe, H., Queen, R. A., Meldau, S., Lord, P., Elson, J. L. (2018) Haplogroup context is less important in the penetrance of mitochondrial DNA complex I mutations compared to mt-tRNA mutations Journal of Molecular Evolution . 86 (6): 395-403 .