MITOMAP References for Somatic Polymorphism A-del at 14510

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 21470976 2011 Guerra, F., Kurelac, I., Cormio, A., Zuntini, R., Amato, L. B., Ceccarelli, C., Santini, D., Cormio, G., Fracasso, F., Selvaggi, L., Resta, L., Attimonelli, M., Gadaleta, M. N., Gasparre, G. (2011) Placing mitochondrial DNA mutations within the progression model of type I endometrial carcinoma Human Molecular Genetics . 20 (12): 2394-2405 .
2 29138417 2017 Koshikawa, N., Akimoto, M., Hayashi, J. I., Nagase, H., Takenaga, K. (2017) Association of predicted pathogenic mutations in mitochondrial ND genes with distant metastasis in NSCLC and colon cancer Scientific Reports . 7 (1): 15535 .