MITOMAP References for Mutation C-T at 4883

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 27217714 2016 Collins, D. W., Gudiseva, H. V., Trachtman, B., Bowman, A. S., Sagaser, A., Sankar, P., Miller-Ellis, E., Lehman, A., Addis, V., O'Brien, J. M. (2016) Association of primary open-angle glaucoma with mitochondrial variants and haplogroups common in African Americans Molecular Vision . 22 (): 454-471 .
2 24448266 2014 Jeoung, J. W., Seong, M. W., Park, S. S., Kim, D. M., Kim, S. H., Park, K. H. (2014) Mitochondrial DNA variant discovery in normal-tension glaucoma patients by next-generation sequencing Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science . 55 (2): 986-992