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What is Crude Mito Fraction?
MITOWEB Help * For a step by step walk through of Mitomap Mitomaster, see Lott, et al., mtDNA variation and analysis using MITOMAP and MITOMASTER, Current Pr...
Mitochondria Trivia A mishmash of mitochondrial facts, stats, and trivia Though this page includes trivia related to mitochondria, all information is intended to...
MitoTherapeutics include antioxidant, small molecule drugs, and etc. * A gel picture a RFLP based haplotype digests: * CoenzymeQ Information about ...
DNA Compression Description Apply compression algorithms to reduce the storage of DNA sequences. mtDNA has been used as a model for compressing full genome sequ...
Measuring respiration in cultured cells HSM Buffer: 20mM HEPES (7.1), 250mM Sucrose, 10mM MgCl2 (store it at 20o) Substrate and Inhibitor stocks: Malate 1M Gluta...
Mitowiki Sequence Submission This is where you can submit your human mtDNA sequences to Mitowiki.
The revised Cambridge sequence, commonly used as a reference for human mtDNA, contains a placeholder at position 3107 added to correct a sequencing error and to p...
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