New Tools!

  • Look up Co-variants
    Compute frequencies of a variant with or without co-occurence with another variant.

  • Variant Search, aka "Marker Finder"
    Search for variants found at specified frequencies in your choice of haplogroups or lineages - originally developed as a "Marker Finder" but has many uses.

  • Variants Satisfying BA1 or BS1 Frequency Cutoffs
    Real-time report of all variants in our GenBank Full Length Sequence Set that meet current ClinGen frequency levels for standalone* or supporting "Benign" assessment [barring any disqualifying factors].

  • Find Sequences for Any Haplogroup, aka "Sequence Finder"
    Retrieve haplogroup-specific GenBank sequences and their variants.

  • Variant Info {This tool is being re-worked. Please check back}
    Get info for specified variants - find haplogroup-specific frequencies for both variant and rCRS alleles.

  • POLG Pathogenicity Prediction Server
    A query interface by the Kaguni group to assess the pathogenicity of POLG mutations based on a clustering model.

Classic Tools and Resources

    Haplotype your sequences and get variant information - including frequencies, conservation, references, and more. Input can be sequences in FASTA format, GenBank numbers, or SNVs. The SNV query is especially useful for novel variants. This tools is available through your browser or our web API.

  • Allele Search
    Search for variants by position - a quick way to pull up info on general population variants and patient variants. For variants not currently listed in Mitomap, use the SNV query function in MITOMASTER, above.

  • Sequence and Variant Downloads
    Retrieve sequence IDs from our current database, from GenBank, and elsewhere. Download a real-time listing of all variants found in Mitomap's set of GenBank sequences.

  • Data Downloads
    Download raw data in various formats from the Mitomap database.

  • MITOMAP uses HaploGrep3 with Phylotree 17.2 (rCRS) for haplogroup determination.

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