JQICON -- render an image

Renders an icon made availabe by the IconService.


Parameter Description Default
"name" name of the icon to display  
class additional css class for the img tag  
animate can be one of bounce, burst, flash, float, horizontal, passing, pulse, ring, shake, spin, tada, vertical, wrench
alt alt attribute  
title title attribute  
style css style format to be added to the image element  
format format string used to render the icon; known variables to be used in the format string are:
  • $iconName: name as given to the name parameter
  • $iconPath: url path
  • $iconClass: css class as specified by the class parameter
  • $iconStyle: css styles as specified by the style parameter
  • $iconAlt: alt attribute-value; if the alt parameter to JQICON is set, this expands to alt='...'
  • $iconTitle: title attribute-value; if the title parameter to JQICON is set, this expands to title='...'
for image icons: <img src='$iconPath' class='$iconClass $iconName' $iconStyle $iconAlt$iconTitle/>; for font icons: <i class='$iconClass' $iconStyle $iconTitle></i>

Example for famfamfam icons:

%JQICON{"tick" alt="alternative content" title="this is a tick icon"}%
%JQICON{"heart" animate="bounce"}%


alternative content cross disk star lightbulb camera date heart

Example for font-awesome icons:

%JQICON{"fa-pagelines" style="font-size:1em;color:#00BF00"}%
%JQICON{"fa-pagelines" style="font-size:2em;color:#0FAF0F"}%
%JQICON{"fa-pagelines" style="font-size:3em;color:#1F9C1F"}%
%JQICON{"fa-pagelines" style="font-size:4em;color:#2D812D"}%
%JQICON{"fa-pagelines" style="font-size:5em;color:#315C31"}%


JQICONPATH, ICON, JQueryPlugin, FamFamFamSilkIcons, IconService
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