BUTTON -- renders a nice button


Parameter Description Default
"text" text to be put on this button  
value text to be put on this button  
accesskey access key used for this button  
class e.g. use simple for a non-3D button  
data_... add html5 data attributes  
align left, right, center
href url of the click target #
icon icon to be put on the left; note, this can be any icon attached to the {IconSearchPath}; see also VarJQICON  
id html id for this button  
onclick javascript event triggered when clicking the button  
target topic to open when clicking on the button  
title popup title displayed when hovering over the button  
type type of action to be performed; available actions are
  • button - normal click button, target specified in target or href parameter
  • clear - clears all input fields in the form that contains the button
  • reset - resets all input fields in a form to their initial value
  • submit - submits the form that contains the button
  • save - same as submit but takes care of extra validation steps when saving a wiki topic


    onclick="confirm('Are your sure?')"
  }% %CLEAR%
Note: BUTTONS are floating to the left by default. Take care to add a %CLEAR% after the %BUTTON{...}% so that further content does not overlap with the button.

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